Monday, August 25, 2008

Neuschwanstein Castle - Happy Birthday Ludwig II

Today - 25 August - is the 163rd anniversary of the birth of Ludwig II of Bavaria, the 'mad' king who designed and built Neuschwanstein Castle. I'm lucky enough to have visited Neuschwanstein Castle not just once but twice. The trips were in fact over 15 years apart so both carry vivid memories in their own right.

Having visited the castle when I was just 16, my second trip there was much later with my husband whose family goes back to Bavaria and who has a love for Richard Wagner's music. So for him the experience was probably more impactful and meaningful than for most people, particularly as he also has a strong interest in the Wagner Tuba. Standing in the music hall of the castle where Wagner's music was often played was a special experience for him.

After going inside the castle we followed a sign for the 'Marienbrucke' and found ourselves standing on a small, fairly narrow, wooden footbridge over a high ravine directly behind the castle. The view across to the castle and the landscape in the distance is something I shall never forget. Stunning, exhilerating, breathtaking ... words fail to describe it. I will dig out the photographs we took standing on the bridge and post them on the Blog in the near future. So if you're a regular visitor then you should have something very special to look at soon.

So happy birthday Ludwig and thank you for what is a wonderful legacy - a truly fantastic fantasy castle which we should all celebrate and enjoy.

PS. Whilst in Bavaria we made a trip into Munich, just for the day and with one specific and very special place in mind .... a place that few people seem to know about but that made our trip to Bavaria even more special and memorable. Another story for another day!

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