Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dungeons - Medieval To Modern Discussion

We discuss many medieval topics from time to time and recently the subject of Dungeons cropped up. You might not think it but when it comes to dungeons there are lots of aspects you can delve into. For example:

  • How they must have started once people had a fixed place to live and possibly only when castles started to be built.
  • How they were both a punishment and a way to forget people. This medieval dungeons page focuses on the dungeons in Carlisle Castle and gives an idea of just how terrible imprisonment in a castle dungeon could be.
  • How the Victorians loved Gothic stories, stories of being buried alive and then came the Count of Monte Cristo.
  • How the same story lines have replayed into the 20th century and beyond.
  • How these days we make light of the subject of dungeons with video games, songs and popular culture.
  • How we llve in a time where Google can easily forget if asked to. (Well, this did genuinely come up in our discussion!
All this and much more. Have a look at the Pinterest board embedded below.

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Finally but not least of all, could you say that dungeons are just a cold room where you hide people?

Reference source for anyone interested to follow through include:

Wikipedia - the 'go to' resource for starting your journey into the world of dungeons.

If you want to see images of dungeons you are better off searching for oubliettes - that way you can avoid all the fantasy images - unless that's what you want of course :)

For modern day cold rooms .... not of course for any kind of imprisonment but for the all-important preservation of many things we need every day and used by the likes of supermarkets, pharmacies, labs, florists, fishermen, chocolate makers, bakers, butchers and even Formula 1 test centres!

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Medieval Castle: Château d'Angers

The medieval castle in Angers in France's Loire Valley is a must see for anyone interested in medieval history. The Château d'Angers is not only a stunning piece of medieval architecture and medieval castle design but its list of tenants over the centuries reads like the 'Who's Who' of medieval greats! Here are just some of the people who spent time at the Château d'Angers:

Henry II ~ Eleanor Of Aquitaine ~ Philip II ~ Catherine de Medici

Visiting the castle leaves a unique imprint on the mind - at least that's what we found. Its style and location as well as the colour and pattern of the stonework are like no other medieval castle we've ever seen before.The drawbridge at the entrance with its heavy chains makes you feel like you're walking back through time!

Read more about medieval castles in France on our main website.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Medieval Fireplace In The Movies

Medieval history is a theme featured in many movies. Medieval times were so colourful compared to life today and it's not surprising that when this is portrayed well, the movies that take a medieval theme prove very popular. Two such examples are "The Lion In Winter" (1968 - about Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine) and "Braveheart" (1995 - about William Wallace),

We recently watched the movie "Joan Of Arc" (1999) directed by Luc Besson. Having read about the life of Joan of Arc and also read the reviews of the movie itself, we knew not to expect full historical accuracy but it was interesting to see how the director had tackled such a powerful medieval story, how he portrayed the battles, etc.

One particular scene caught my eye ... the setting was supposed to be the English court where Joan's activities in France were being discussed. Immediately I recognised the fireplace and the steps in front of it - it was a fireplace I had seen in real life, not on a studio set!

Where was the fireplace? Not in England! It was a medieval fireplace quite unique in its size and design - in the Ducal Palace in Poitiers, France. Here it is in a short video clip .... look out for it next time you watch the movie!


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