Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Medieval New Year Party

New Year is a time when most people celebrate in some way. Of course not everyone celebrates in the same way but many people hold private parties with friends and family. Getting together to muse on the events of the last year and to talk with anticipation of what the year ahead holds a value that is hard to describe. It's just something many people like to do.

A New Year's Party at home is the most popular choice but there are occasions when a group of people, perhaps no more than 20 in number, decide to get together and hold an extra special New Year's Eve party. This is where they might look for unusual ideas of a venue or a theme. For example, they might want to book a hotel package where they check in, enjoy dinner and drinks and then attend the hotel's party (possibly fancy dress or themed in another way) at which there is live music and dancing.

But what if you wanted and (more to the point) could afford something extra special? Perhaps a private party in a medieval castle that you have all to yourselves for the day/night? Well, it's entirely possible these days. The atmosphere, surroundings and comfort that a well appointed medieval castle can offer a private party make for an unrivalled option for a New Year's Eve celebration. Take for example, Eastnor Castle - though not strictly medieval by construction date, it is a 'mock' medieval castle. The famous architect Robert Smirke came up with the idea of constructing a castle in"Norman Revival" style, creating the impression of a medieval fortress which guarded the Welsh Borders (Eastnor Castle is in Herefordshire close to the border of England/Wales). Having visited Eastnor Castle I know that it does indeed convey that 'medieval' impression very well and if I could hold a private party in a wonderfully, astmospheric place this castle would be at the top of the list. In fact, at the time of writing this post I understand there is still the possibility of an exclusive private hire of the castle for a New Year celebration!

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