Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Medieval Heraldry

Let's face it, we humans love symbolism. All aspects of life seem to carry symbols - from football teams to political parties to hobby groups and more. Representing our beliefs and our culture is very important and it was in medieval times that symbols used for family identities came about. More precisely it was in England in the 12th century that medieval heraldry was born.

Heraldry in medieval families was important for a number of reasons and passing on a family coat of arms soon became the thing to do if a family held good social and political standing. Choosing the symbols used in heraldry was quite complex with the most popular being animals - real or mythical. Medieval unicorns are a good example.

Even today, heraldry plays a part in many people's lives. You might be fortunate to have inherited a family coat of arms but if not you can have one made up for you when you get married! Read our page on this great idea for a medieval style gift.

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