Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Medieval Valentine's Day

Here's something different to contemplate for Valentine's Day - make it medieval!

There are many people who love all things medieval - from medieval style jewelry to medieval clothing and costumes to medieval architecture and medieval music. And why not? Medieval history is an era which evokes strong, unique atmospheres - from the heroics of medieval knights through to the harshness of medieval life with little medicine and few home comforts. Not that we're suggesting you try and emulate some of that harshness for Valentine's Day! No, what we have in mind is to 'go medieval' in a fun way that will make the day extra special.

For example, you could:

There are even medieval recipes you can try out! None of us have yet tried these but on reading them they sound delicious, especially the spinach tart and chicken with orange and lemon!

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