Sunday, October 18, 2009

Medieval Castle Ghosts - The White Lady Of Tamworth Castle

One of the most common 'apparitions' in ghost stories is that of the 'white lady'. There are many legends that tell of some tragic story and the end result is that of a haunting by a white lady.

In the next few posts we will share some of the white lady stories that we have come across in our research on medieval history and medieval castles.

Here is the first ....

  • Tamworth Castle in England - There have been many reports of "ghostly happenings" in Tamworth Castle but one of the most famous is that of the White Lady. According to local folklore, a young woman was captured and locked in the castle tower by Sir Tarquin. Over time she fell in love with him and after he was killed by Sir Lancelot du Lac she mourned her lover so much that she threw herself from the battlements. It is believed her ghost walks the castle battlements weeping and people have reported not only seeing the apparition but also hearing her mournful cries.

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