Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weddings In Castles - How Romantic!

Castles are synonomous with romance ... which perhaps explains why castles are becoming increasingly popular when looking for a romantic wedding venue.

Ideas for castle wedding venues abound on the worldwide web and it can be a quagmire of reading to have to wade through in order to get some perspective on the options that might best suit your needs for a romantic wedding. However, we have a page dedicated to castle wedding venues which explains relatively succinctly how to choose a suitable castle for your wedding. We list some of the most important factors to bear in mind - from location to venue size right through to accessibility issues.

Some castles have very good websites of their own where they offer really good and, above all, relevant information. Take Eastnor Castle for example, a mock medieval castle in the Malvern Hills. They have a wedding video you can download that shows a couple getting married in the Eastnor estate church followed by the wedding breakfast inside the castle. So you can get a very good idea of the setting and atmosphere before you even visit the place! You can also request a specially printed wedding brochure which they will post out to you and there are even wedding late availability deals from time to time. To access this information visit their romantic wedding page.

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