Friday, September 24, 2010

Medieval Monasteries & More

On our medieval castles website we cover many other related topics. One of these is medieval worship. The owners of medieval castles generally had strong ties with the local place(s) of worship, often having their own family crypt within local medieval monasteries, churches or abbeys.

A good example of this is the medieval Lanercost Priory. The De Vaux, Dacre and Howard families (powerful, landowning families in the immediate area over the centuries) have all played a major part in the history of this medieval place of worship. The De Vauxs built Lanercost Priory and the Dacres built Naworth Castle with the Howards later becoming the castle's owners. Members of all 3 families spanning several generations are buried either within the priory itself or its grounds.

There are many other medieval churches, abbeys and even cathedrals with similar stories to tell and I will endeavour over time to cover more of these in posts on this castle blog.

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