Friday, May 20, 2011

Medieval Architecture - Medieval Castles

Medieval castles seem to fascinate people regardless of their age, from children to adults. If you visit a medieval castle this is plain to see when you look at other visitors around you. So what is it that makes medieval castles so appealing?

There is more than one answer of course because it depends upon the castle in question. For example:
  • it might be a castle reputed to be haunted;
  • it might be a castle where some famous siege or battle took place;
  • it might be a castle where someone particularly famous lived or died;
  • it might be a castle renowned for its architecture;
One thing we enjoy when we visit a medieval castle - whether it is still intact or just ruins - is that it is tangible history. You can walk up to the castle walls, touch them and think of the many centuries that have passed since the day the mortar was set between the stones.

View a short video clip we made of medieval castle stonework close up and just feel the history!

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