Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Medieval Knights, Medieval Tournaments

Medieval knights and medieval tournaments ... words that conjur up images of fantasy for most people but in fact it is possible to get a taste of what it was really like to see such a spectacle.

Throughout Europe during the summer months, there are many historic sites, usually medieval castles, which stage medieval pageants with men dressed as medieval knights taking part in jousting tournaments.

We were lucky enough to visit Tiffauges castle in SW France, the home of the infamous Gilles de Rais, where today amongst the castle ruins they stage regular medieval themed events.

Here is a picture of a medieval knight on his horse with lance in hand (taken at the medieval event at Tiffauges).

More was to come .... replicas of medieval weapons and siege engines were demonstrated including a trebuchet. More on that to come! Wearing strong and durable war equipment during knights medieval tournaments will ensure your victory.

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