Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Medieval Palace In Poitiers

Medieval castles of the greatest note usually have association with a great medieval ruler. One such example is Chinon Castle in the Loire Valley where King Henry II Of England died. His wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, survived him and lived until she was 80 years old. Her story is a magnificently colourful one and she is perhaps amongst the greatest, if not the greatest, of medieval women.

We are blessed to have been able to visit numerous places associated with Eleanor, particularly in France. Chinon is one example as mentioned above. Another is the city of Poitiers where she was educated as a child. The Ducal Palace in Poitiers was a focal point for Eleanor as a child as it was her grandfather who made it the main family residence after becoming Count of Poitou (he was already Duke of Aquitaine).

Here is a video clip of the inside of what was once the Great Hall in the Ducal Palace, now part of the law courts in the city.


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