Monday, August 30, 2010

Medieval Castle Architecture - Berkeley Castle

Having focused our last post on the reputed haunting of Berkeley Castle by the ghost of King Edward II, this next post takes a different tack and features the fine architecture that greets your eye as you approach the castle.

The castle walls are suprisingly intact and look strong and menacing. It's hard to imagine how anyone would have dared to think of attacking it successfully.

When you first approach the castle, it does not seem that big but when you venture down into the gardens and grounds, the castle walls seem to go on and on.

It is a stunning piece of architecture and design, quite unique in shape and with a courtyard reminiscent of Alnwick Castle.

You can read more about castle architecture on our dedicated web page.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Haunted Castles In England - Berkeley Castle

This is a medieval castle well worth a visit and merits several posts on the Medieval Castle Blog.

Berkeley Castle is said to be a haunted castle and when you read the story of the confinement, torture and death of King Edward II that took place there, you can understand why. It is a horrific story and when you visit Berkeley Castle and see the guard room where the King's torture is believed to have taken place, there is no doubt about the chilling atmosphere that seems to pervade it.

Here is a video of the guard room taken from the courtyard outside. The windows are the very same as the poor King probably looked out of in desperate hope of being rescued.

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